About Mary

I am a teacher and coach, I assist others in finding their inner strengths and interpreting them in a way that can be translated into gifts to be contributed and shared with the world and society.

Identify your heart's desire and dare
to act on it to "Dance Your Dream Awake"

I started my practice teaching people to sing and specializing in teaching people who think they canít sing but have either always wanted to or recently experienced a new desire to participate in life in this way.

In my search to discover what might be changed to get them singing and participating in the way that they now desire, I discovered many interesting sets of beliefs and circumstances that we would begin to shift to make way for the new desired outcome. We began to achieve some very interesting and positive results in this way. People would change their lives in meaningful ways that very often years of psychotherapy had failed to achieve. They became more and more of who they desired to be and in the end they also learned to sing! Oh, how I love to sing and to be able to create community this way, and to share it with as many people as possible. Once my students began to sing, so many of them realized that if they could accomplish this thing that they had thought was not possible for them, what else could they do? I then began working on other areas of peoples lives that wanted attention, and so the journey continues.

I am also a professional singer/songwriter who has studied, performed, and recorded for over twenty years in the U.S. and Europe. As a vocal instructor, I incorporate my years of experience with Shamanic healing and ceremonial singing to help students find their true voice and Create positive effect in all areas of their lives.

Why do it now?

Because Now is all we have, it is wonderful to master something that takes years to learn, but we need to participate now, we all need to get off the couch and participate in our lives... to do and not watch.

Come drum and sing with me, learn ancient sacred songs that have acquired power of their own over the ages. Have you ever thought how good it would feel to sing, but feel that you canít sing or want to sing better? I believe that all of us have a natural sound inside of us that holds the powers of HEALING, JOY, BEAUTY, WISDOM, GRACE, COURAGE AND SPONTANEITY